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The Frontier Trade Tomahawk

Good morning fellow countrymen and women. It is a new day, and we wake up facing new challenges and adversities. As the threat of a tyrant grows ever more dangerous on our horizon, global supply chains break down, apartheid vaccine mandates, fast rising inflation and the multitude of other seemingly apocalyptic struggles lie in front of us.. There is still hope.

Across this great nation there are still thousands if not millions of people working day in and day out diligently to slow, stop and hopefully reverse this coming storm. Men, women, business owners and folks of all race, color and creed are banding together to build communities, spread a message of truth, build marketplaces and champion our natural born rights.

Despite these generation changing events we are going through, I think a small bit of reading will reveal that our thoughts, feelings and experiences are not all that unfamiliar in a historical context. Just as we are today, the founding fathers and the patriots who fought with them faced an existential threat, one of insurmountable power and extreme prejudice, the tyranny of the empire of England. Just as they did, we must work together to oppose and not comply with any and all tyrannical mandates, power grabs and unconstitutional edicts we are faced with.

We here at Non Compliance Company have set out on a mission to do just those things aforementioned. We are building a community of like minded patriotic Americans where we can trade services, goods and facilitate the free flow of conversation and ideas. At the core of our beliefs and values is the idea that all men and women are created equal and are born with natural, God given rights, rights that are not answerable to any man or governing body. We plan on exercising those rights and supporting them no matter the political climate.

With that said, as part of this mission we have teamed up with MagKnives101 a small company owned and operated by a personal friend of mine, Mark Graham. Mark is a father, veteran and God fearing patriotic American. To add to this, the items he produces are all hand crafted by him in North Carolina, and the materials he uses are all sourced from other small companies in the United States. He is confident in saying his products are 100% American made.

Today we will be listing some of the first items from MagKnives101, the Frontier Trade Tomahawk. This American made item is steeped in American tradition and holds a special place in the annals of American history.

The history of the tomahawk begins in about the 12th or 13th century in what would become Virginia. The word tomahawk comes from the Algonquian language (Powhatan) tamahaac, derived from the Proto-Algonquian root *temah- "to cut off by tool". The Algonquians in early America created the tomahawk. Before Europeans came to the continent, Native Americans would use stones, sharpened by a process of knapping and pecking, attached to wooden handles, secured with strips of rawhide.

The tomahawk quickly spread from the Algonquian culture to the tribes of the South and the Great Plains. With the coming of European settlers the “Trade axe” was born, taking the tomahawk idea and improving on it with a metal blade. Although the hatchet was similar it was mor difficult (thus expensive) to make, so it was made more simple in design. This new design was traded to the native population and became the tomahawk as we know it today.

Historical note: During the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), American military men were required to carry either a tomahawk or a chopping sword in the field. The Continental Congress mandated this so that they have a backup weapon in the area plus it had other uses like to chop wood or dress game. The flintlock guns that were used at the time were unreliable and slow to reload so having a tomahawk was important in case of a close-range encounter. Later on, in history, Peter LaGana, the founder of the American Tomahawk Company, revived the tomahawk during the Vietnam war. As a WWII veteran of Mohawk descent, he was no stranger to war. He created and sold thousands of tactical tomahawks for military personnel by direct mail service to American troops serving in Vietnam. He changed the design of the tomahawk in a significant way. His updated tomahawk featured a robust and penetrating spike for the poll. This model of the tomahawk is now referred to as the Vietnam Tomahawk. Most modern tomahawks are made based on the Vietnam model.

Make sure to head over to our store to get yours now. Free shipping and a free shirt will be included in every purchase.

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