The Elite Hypocrisy

As we transition into the cold winter and fall months nearing the end of the second year of this global event we call call Covid-19, it is nice to remind ourselves of our rightful places in society. Us peasantry and serfs deserve naught but slight comfort in front of our televisions, computers, phones and day to day distractions of our mindless lives.

It is important we listen to and obey any and all orders of those "elected" officials who have so fairly had mercy on us and done all there is to do to save us and protect us from the worlds deadliest virus. With that said, even those most selfless and heroic need a day off from fighting and wearing our number 2 ( number 1 being vaccines ) most effective defense against the tireless enemy that is the corona virus.

Take a moment to review the following photos, articles and videos, then read the rest below.

All Jokes aside. When viewing such imagery it begins to make one question the reality that they currently exist in and "believe". If all that has been said is true, then why does it seemingly not apply to those most privileged in our society? It becomes sorely obvious the inconsistencies and outright hypocrisy when we apply the standards forced on us onto these elites of society, politics and culture.

So what is it that allows them to exist within this different world, where known facts concerning the virus do not apply to them? Maybe their are individuals of great bravery who disregard the dangerous of going mask-less so that they can display a brave face for us oppressed here at home? I doubt that..

It is abhorrently apparent the lies and hypocrisies we have been sold in the last two years. Our natural born rights have been stripped and given to the elect few. Our livelihoods and jobs ripped from our lives, our families and home jeopardized. All of this in the supposed name of "safety". It is here we are just a skip and a hop away from something worse, we must all resist now, we cannot comply with tyranny, we cannot become complacent, we cannot sleep on the aberrations imposed upon us. We must be non compliant.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

-Benjamin Franklin

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