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New Day, New News.

Shirts are in, hats are on the way and more to come. We here at Non Compliance are hard at work planning more and doing a, probably more than we should be or can. Admittedly I ( the founder ) am stretched a bit thin, but the defense of liberty is an endless battle. Our enemies do not sleep so neither shall we, well we can get a few hours I guess.

Along with this blog I am continuing to work on enriching the quality of videos we will be posting on our Youtube channel and Rumble. Obviously youtube has an itchy trigger finger and is ready to censor anything and everything as fast as they can find it. It is best that we focus on Rumble for the time being but for the sake of outreach we will continue to use all platforms and media we are ALLOWED to use...

In a world of ever increasing censorship, tyranny and blatant disregard for our natural rights it is important we spread the word of our mission abroad and build a large, strong community of similarly minded patriots who only want the best for our country and all the people who make it up, no matter background, ethnicity, religion, etc. The only way we as a community and champions of Republican values can save this nation and win is to band together and start acting as a unified community. Too long many of us have been complacent and slept on the autocratic rise of the oligarchs and bureaucrats here in our own backyard.

With all that said, stay tuned for more as will be updating this blog regularly as well as posting more videos, specifically relating to the founding of our nation and how it ties into what we are currently experiencing. This is edge of the new patriot movement, lets take back our country and reinstate the values and morals that were championed when this nation was first built!

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Obviously if you want to support make sure to check out the shop, more to come soon if what you see there is not what you want.

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