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New Creator Joins Our Team

As part of our mission here at Non Compliance Company we are welcoming aboard a new creator Mark Graham with MagKnives101. Mark is an old friend of mine from my days serving in the United States Marine Corps. We first served together working on communication systems as part of 4th Marine Regiment stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Mark was one of my mentors and a pivotal non commissioned officer and leader as I grew up in that strange world of sleepless nights and drunken weekends.

Mark joined the Corps (Rah) in 2012 and was assigned to a role within the communications family of MOS'. During his 8 year tenure serving our country he quickly rose through the ranks attaining the rank Staff Sergeant. Mark was instrumental in educating, leading and guiding young marines throughout his time in and helped raise my generation of new motivators.

Mark spent much of his time overseas in places such as Okinawa, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines, Korea and even Norway. Mark eventually transitioned out of the service and returned home where he began working on contract doing what he learned for the DoD. During all this he took up blacksmithing sometime around Jan 2018, a passion he cultivated on continues to grow to this day, he has at this time crafted many hundreds of knives, axes, and swords of all varieties and designs.

Coming from the back country of North Central Michigan Mark always maintained a certain love for his homeland, the people and small businesses that keep it alive and help it grow. This manifests itself in his work, as he uses 100% all American, grown, made and crafted products. All these American materials he uses to create the quality American products he now sells from his home in Central, North Carolina.

Take a moment to read, and welcome Mark and his small business aboard, a veteran, a patriot a true blue American, through and through. Also be on the look out as his products will soon be available on our online store, and remember a percentage of all proceeds will be used to back our patriot brothers and sisters in our fight against tyranny.

As always, be non compliant.

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