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America is back

Good Morning Patriots. It has been a while since my last post, and some of you may have noticed things have been a little slow. Well that is because my wife and I both got covid. This combined with having a newborn we were pretty preoccupied for a while. We both made it through okay, without any hiccups and are feeling much better today. I have to say it is the most bizarre illness, the symptoms seemingly all over the place; it really leaves you with a feeling of it being artificial and not at all a natural occurrence. I still have a diminished sense of smell, which makes most of my food bland and somewhat unappealing.

There has been a lot going on since I last wrote here; the Rittenhouse trial is full steam ahead, Biden's vaxxine mandates were going to be implemented but were put on halt by a federal appeals court, Aaron Rodgers, Astroworld disaster the list goes on. It often feels like we have fallen into a bizarre reality of disaster after disaster and I often find myself feeling hopeless.

Despite all the unfavorable events I do believe there is hope, increasingly there are more people standing up and speaking out. We saw Glenn Youngkin win the governorship in Virginia, overturning the democrat establishment that had ruled there for many years under McAuliffe the rat. It was a moment many saw as defining for what was to come in the following years, many are pointing to signs of a “ Red Wave “. I believe there is more than just a red wave, but a complete rejection of all that the left progressives have attempted to force on us in the last few years. We also saw record numbers of Libertarians elected across the country as well as a trucker who used only hundreds of dollars to beat out the long standing leadership of democrats in New Jersey. There is without a doubt a shift in our nation.

I believe the current political shift we are experiencing now is the complete rejection of all the progressive left has attempted to force on us in the last year. They attempted to subvert, subjugate and rewrite what it meant to be American, and we stood up and told them no. Now we are seeing that response in real time as traditionally Democrat-led areas are turning away from their old party leadership and looking to the future for better, brighter leaders that want to work for them and end the tyranny that we have been placed under.

I find most interesting is the steam libertarianism has increasingly found at the lowest levels of local and state governments in the recent months. I can only think, when confronted with tyranny and the possibility of losing our rights, many realized the importance of individual liberties and just plain leaving people alone. While the Libertarian party is often zany, and houses some of America's most oddball political leaders, I do believe there are seeds of truth found within the party. Individual liberty, choice, freedom of speech and just general freedom to do what you want within reason, are the ideal tenants of what our founders built this country on. Unfortunately after 200 plus years we are often reminded we have lost our ways in many of these avenues. Fortunately it does seem current events have been a jolt that awakened many across our nation, reminding them of those old words spoken by Thomas Jefferson “ The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants ”. I believe many took this to heart and got out of their homes and went out to fight. We are now experiencing what I can only describe as a revival of true libertarianism and patriotism.

On another note, I will be putting out sequels to the Thomas Paine post, in these articles I will touch on the themes and some of the morals found within his first major pamphlet “Common Sense”. Stay tuned for that as I believe it is something everyone should learn about, and preferably read the pamphlet itself. Stay safe, God Bless, and as always be Non Compliant.

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