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As the Commander and Chief of the United States of America stood on a stage and alienated 80 million Americans an idea was born and the seed of liberty was in need of refreshment. 

I sat and listened to the man our country has unfortunately recognized as president, a well of emotion filled my soul and boiled to the surface. Anger, frustration, not just a moment but years of discontent rose to the top and put on full display for an amused audience, my wife and child. Yelling, swearing, pacing, arms flailing, I can imagine how ridiculous I looked. A large man bouncing around like a petulant child in his small white walled office. Listening to this man stand on a stage and decide the outcome for me and my family, this man I did not ask for or vote for. He would surely ruin us and all of those like us, for the supposed safety of those who vocally hate us. It cut to the bone and I was angry.

Despite all of the aforementioned, there was one thing that struck me. Something that had little to do with my personal feelings or emotional state. It was the disgusting sneering attitude and way our supposed president neatly divided all of us into two groups; vaccinated and unvaccinated, followed by the congratulatory pat on the back for those who took the shots and the disapproving voice for those who had not. To me it seems clear his language was carefully chosen to not only divide but to isolate and demonize those who did not obey him and to reassure those who do obey or made their choices based on their own personal findings and situations, a neat tactic to enable dehumanization of our neighbors. America has never been so divided, probably since the civil war and then, the man who is supposed to help unite us, gets on stage and divides us further, it has left me flabbergasted. How can he stand up there and do this, how can he say these things, why would he do it? Many people have different thoughts and honestly the intent is mostly irrelevant because the outcomes are most likely the same.

Joe Biden is an erroneous stain on the pages of our nation and history at large. But, he is not you/we. We are not us/them, or vaccinated/unvaccinated, it is not yes or no or black or white. We are Americans 2nd and HUMANS first. We are people, individuals, who make up the families and communities that are the foundation of this country. This is not a fight between us, it is a fight with him, and the crony tyrants and statists like him. Many of you reading this may agree with him, even applaud him and cheer for this royal decree. I want to say; I am not mad at you, I forgive you and I even understand. Most of what is done is out of fear and actions that are perceived to insulate oneself and those close, from the dangers of the world. I want you all to understand though, this policy if carried out will hurt people. It will hurt your neighbors, your friends, your family; the repercussions are most likely not singular but a multitude, unfathomable for our short term thinking. It will hurt me, and my family, we are the face behind the nameless enemy you are told to hate. Whatever your status and who you are we must stand together against this, we cannot allow them to erase all that we have built here, we have to fight.

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